Monday, October 23, 2017

DSAM: Danny & Sandy

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month I teamed up with my friend Nicole to do a cute themed shoot of our children Blake (6) and Amelia (4). With Halloween just around the corner we channeled one of our favorite musicals, GREASE!

There are so many misconceptions about our kids still exists in our society and it is my hope that through advocacy, education and visibility people can start to shift their focus from our children's "Disability" to their ability. Let's start celebrating differences!

Is having a child with Down Syndrome challenging, difficult and sometimes hard? YES

Is having children challenging, difficult and sometimes hard? YES

Is it worth all of the struggles, effort and challenges for our children with Down Syndrome? 1,000 X YES!

Is raising children worth all of the struggles, effort and challenges? 1,000 X YES

See where I'm going with this .....

Our two little on set diva's were challenging to wrangle and capture on camera but the results were well worth it, just like them!

Nicole, Amelia's mom said "Amelia has the same wants and needs as any other 4 year old. Being Amelia's mom has given my life a purpose and has fulfilled me in ways I didn't think possible. She is also just a kid!"

The most famous lyric in the film, "You're the one that I want" Is perfect for our children with and without Down Syndrome. Obviously a different context but I have to say nothing could be more appropriate on Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Blake is exactly the son I want and the son I never knew I needed. He has made me a better human and mother.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween SPOOKtacular: DIY Party Treats

Part of my costume ....

Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted to share SPOOKtacular party that I hosted last year for my daughters friends before we went to trick-or-treat!! I go all out with my themed parties from the custom created invitation (below) to the decor, themed food, music and of course costumes! 

I want to share the treats that I served to my children's classes at school and to the guests at the party!


Monster Mouth Treats (Cookies Halved, Red Frosting & Mini Marshmellows)

 Gluten Free Brownies with a pound of pureed Spinach for the Kinder Class. Candy Ghoul Eyes


Green Grape & Marshmallow Monster Cups
*Clear Cup
*Large Marshmallow

Draw Monster or funny faces on the exterior of the clear cup. Easy for kids to carry and eat! A great class treat too!

Disney Themed Chocolate/Marshmallow Apples.

*Use toothpicks to affix Mickey/Minnie's Ears to the apple
*Melt chocolate (I mixed bakers & chocolate chips) and dunk your apples.
*Decorate (I rolled mine in various toppings like coconut, shaved almonds, smarties and assorted candies)
*Set on Waxed paper until solid

 and with my leftover chocolate ......

We filled treat bags with cheese pop corn and created ghost lollipops using Kleenex, a sharpie and Maleficent ribbon and offered them to guests along with colorful plastic fangs!

Spooky Jack-o-puss a top our hummus plate

I used both yellow and orange peppers to create MAC-O-Lanterns ... a macaroni and cheese edible jack-o-lantern. Clean and cut out the pepper and design your jack-o-face. Stuff with home made mac and cheese and bake in the oven until the pepper is semi soft. Serve  when cooled - the kids ATE the pepper too!

Our lemonade got a drop or two of black food coloring and was served to guests with spider and spider web ice cubes! (I used this mold)

Serve your themed food on Halloween themed ware - plates, cups and plastic goblets for your little goblins.

The Best Halloween Hostess:

You can even catch a glimpse of my spider PB&J sandwiches with pretzel legs plated in front of Kaleigh. We also served plenty of veggies and healthy foods to go along with our treats!
 My daughter was so happy to host her Ghoulfriends for a fun Halloween bash! and I was happy to create and facilitate such a fangtastic party! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hot Mesh

I love fashion because it is forever changing, evolving and there is truly something for everyone. I don't personally adhere to trends but I do enjoy watching the new collections at Fashion Week when it comes around twice a year. Currently Fashion week in Paris is in full swing, showing Spring/Summer 2018 looks.

I noticed two collections, Dior and Saint Laurent (formerly YSL) both showed some Hot Mesh .. Black with dotted prints.

It reminded me how designers have to look back to go forward and this dress that I procured from the 55,000 Dress Collection of Mr. Paul Brockmann.

It was designed by Nolan Miller, the costume designer of the 80's hit show DYNASTY. Who remembers that show? Glamour, drama and all the over the top 80's garments that we are now coming to adore once more.

I used to watch Dallas with my grandmother and as a young girl the character Alexis Carrington was always a style icon with her cage veils, diamonds and gowns. Sassy and Fabulous!

The Noalan Miller dress was designed as part of a collection for Saks Fifth Avenue and is MAJOR Hot Mesh .... complete with velvet dots, bows and a layered skirt.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


With a new project on the horizon the EVOLUTION VINTAGE closet needs to make some room. 

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