Friday, April 7, 2017

Pluviophile Perspective

Evolution Vintage Grey Dress
Totes Umbrealla
Stylist/Image: LisaG

Our society is obsessed with labels, labels on clothing AND labels on people. I think everyone finds a strange comfort level to know that they have you figured out, categorized and have you labelled. There is one label that can be added to my list as I sit in the comfort of my home typing and listening to the rain outside do a tap dance on my back deck.

Pluviophile: (biology) Any organism that thrives in conditions of heavy rainfall
 and/or One who loves rain, a rain-lover.

I thrive, I create, I am comforted by and inspired by the RAIN. Any Rain, any time and the more consecutive days of precipitation the happier and busier you will find me. I have never been able to really explain my love and attraction to the rain and rainy days. There is a cleansing quality to rain, washing away all that was before and producing a fresh, clean slate or Tabula rasa as it were. 

Living in California has kept me rain starved through the recent drought years but sincerely grateful for even an hour of water. I am so thrilled to welcome back this extended "rainy" season.

What inspires you? 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Level Up: Personal Evolution

I adore this quote from writer Joan Didion, it inspired me to order her memoir and to think about how true this statement is, or should be. 

Recently I have been exploring the idea of letting go of versions of yourself as you move down your life road, destination unknown. Your past and previous versions of yourself only serve to slow you down. The natural progress you could be making is made that much harder by the past 'people' you are "carrying" around, past versions of yourself included. Think about yourself running under water carrying a large rock and the pace you make carrying all of that weight. Now think about your increase in speed if you leave the rock behind.

Lately I am feeling like Alice in Wonderland in a new world of Alternative Facts, "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

Evolution in all facets of your life is essential, giving yourself permission to change, let go of people ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you and anything else that may be blocking progress. Celebrate the next time someone says they don't know you anymore! each level of life requires a different version of you so it is time to level up and show up for this moment.

A style evolution is also in order. Try tapping into your authentic self through your personal style. Ignore the outside noise, current trends and your geographical location and wear what represents who you are ... for today at least!

 Vintage Poppy Dress - SHOP

Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Inspo

The Holiday Season has come and gone but I wasn't ready to let my tree go. This year we were away for Christmas so I didn't get to enjoy my chic new white tree for very long. I decided my Christmas decor of Magenta and Silver should stay through January and then was inspired to decorate the tree with LOVE for Valentine's Day which remained up through Feb!  

March knocked at the door and it was time for some Irish decor. My maternal relatives are all McGee's, real Irishmen and women from the town of Antrim, Ireland (my great, great, great maternal grandfather) but my Great, Great Grandparents were married and buried in Kilcooley, Ireland. So my roots give reason to this tree and it's decor. A little Irish inspo:

Tree topper was created from green gift ribbon ($2, shamrock decoration ($1) and festive headband complete with Irish flags ($2.99). Total topper: $6

The decor was inexpensive with the exception of the priceless Leprechaun created by my husbands grandmother in the 1970's

I used Green and gold garlands with shamrocks from the dollar store ($4), I purchased paper desert plates to fill the gaps inside the tree ($3) and used a plastic witched prop 8" cauldron to double as my pot of gold complete with plastic gold coins ($6.50). The cauldron can be re-used again at Halloween ($8) I purchased the ceramic Irish symbol Trinity Knot ornament separate online for $5.

the white faux flowers with silver glitter trim and gold coins also came from the dollar store. I scattered these throughout the tree along with green ones ($5).

The tree has been the focal point of our living room and a great themed conversation throughout the month. Total decor cost: $37.50

Cheers to celebrating around your themed tree all year long. Next up Spring/Easter!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Berry Good

Vintage Fruit Skirt & SJP Collection Fawn in Ochre Satin

Spring is an open field of style possibilities. Usually  people immediately think of floral's or pastels. What about a real Berry Good Fruit motif?

I adore a novelty print and fun appliques every season but there is something about Spring time and fabulous fruit.

I recently acquired this unique wool skirt, adorned in the sweetest embroidered fruit applique, all the usual favorites; Strawberries, Pears, Grapes, Cherries and more. It got me thinking about fruit fashion and how beautiful this motif is for spring.

Parka by Rahul Mishra $1.605

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Forward

Hush, Can you hear it?
The rustling in the grass,
Bringing you the welcome news
Winter's day is past.
Soft, Can you feel it?

The warm caressing breeze,
Telling you the sticky buds
Are bursting on the trees.
Look, Can you see them?
The primrose in the lane,
Now you must believe it -
Spring is here again.

 - May Fenn

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fashion Friday: Amal Clooney

I love fashion, street style, celebrity style, basically every woman on the planet's style. I am always fascinated with peoples fashion choices and how they style those choices and wear them in their daily lives.

I have a hand full of style inspirations but for some reason Amal (Alamuddin) Clooney snuck under my stylist radar. She is much more than a pretty face and the wife of actor George Clooney. She is an accomplished attorney (Barrister) specializing in international law and human rights. She didn't pack up her briefcase after getting married either, she is still actively practicing and working.

 She is also the president of the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which she co-founded with her husband George Clooney in late 2016 to advance justice in courtrooms, communities, and classrooms around the world (wiki).  I also just realized that we are around the same age, her birthday is 3 days after mine, just a year ahead which makes her an Aquarius and an instant style sister.

I love that she does not use a stylist and chooses her own looks and pieces. Many pieces that are VINTAGE, frequenting her favorite shop in London William Vintage. She has many contemporary looks that are fantastic as well but I love her Vintage pieces, re-styled in a current way. 

 Vintage 1960's Dress/Jacket Set (No Label)

 1960's White Fringe Dress (No Label)

 1964 Balenciaga

 Vintage CHANEL circa 1963

 Vintage Christian Dior

 Courreges c. 1960

 Vintage LANVIN

 Madame Gres c. 1945

 Vintage Ossie Clarke - 1970's

Vintage YSL

Finally a public figure who mixes fashions past and present in a really chic way. I have so many pieces at Evolution Vintage I would pull for her, see below for some of my favorites.

My picks from Evolution Vintage for Amal:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Dalmatian Day: Christmas Card Edition

Every year my family and I produce a themed Christmas card which serves as our annual family photo. Thus far we have done Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, A Willy Wonka Candyland Fantasy and this year our version of 101 Dalmatians

This year my daughter has been begging for a puppy .... for the entire year. I was not ready for a puppy and was teased about having some Cruella deVille moment's. Also anyone who know me knows how I adore a Disney Villain. Because of our children range in ages, and being parents of a child with exceptional needs we sometimes feel that there are 101 and not really just 4  in the house and the theme started to take shape. It seemed like a natural theme for this year.


  My husband has a male Cruella and dotted dalmation hybrid look. Creamy faux leather jacket (Forever 21 several seasons ago) and dalmation tee. Shop the dalmation wrap my step-daughter is wearing. the girls matching gowns are no longer available. Kaleigh wore dlamation ear headband that came in a set of headband/ears, bow tie and tail. She wore the ears and I incorporated the bow tie and tail into the set.
Vintage Jewles, SJP Collection FAWN 70MM in Poison (now soild out in this color), Red Opera Gloves. (Dress - Plain black wrap / Coat Forever 21)

I even had my own shoe wranger ....


I constructed and desgined the set in my Evolution Vintage showroom space. A red, black, white with a hint of creame color scape. I used photography backdrop frames and draped them with layered sheets, decked out a christmas tree complete with lace Minnie Mouse Ear toppers, and of couse 101 balloons ... 50 white, 50 black and one red.
Antique photo frames were used on either side of the set along with two antique chairs and a vintage steamer trunbk draped in black satin. 

 I even had a Cruella-esque stunt cigarette holder on set with a sparklet "flame" ornameltal piece up-cycled from a discarded  Chriustmas decoration.
 I used petticoats in black/white/red under the christmas tree to add volume and a costume dalmation tail in the tree as if a puppy had just dove in, can you see it? I live for details like this. A large, life size stuffed dalmation on loan from my friend Brenda Sue, from Brenda Sues consignment in Morro Bay and another stuffed pooch from the Disney dalmation film rounded out the crew.

We had a blast this year ... wishing everyone an amazing 2017! 

until next year .....